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SEPTEMBER 26, 2017

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CALL TO ORDER: 6:00 p.m.


1. Motion approving appointment of Public Works Director John Joiner to Statewide Urban Design Specifications (SUDAS) Board of Directors (Click here for more information)

2. Certification of projects in Iowa Clean Air Attainment Program grant applications to conform to AAMPOs regional transportation planning process: (Click here for more information)

a. Resolution certifying conformance of South Grand Avenue Extension project
b. Resolution certifying conformance of CyRide #9 Plum Weekday Route Expansion project



*The Regular City Council Meeting will immediately follow the meeting of the Ames Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Policy Committee.

CONSENT AGENDA: All items listed under the consent agenda will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a request is made prior to the time the Council members vote on the motion.

1. Motion approving payment of claims

2. Motion approving Minutes of Regular Meeting of September 12, 2017, and Special Meeting of September 19, 2017 (Click here for more information)

3. Motion approving Report of Contract Change Orders for September 1-15, 2017 (Click here for more information)

4. Motion approving nomination of Ames Main Street Historic District to National Register of Historic Places (Click here for more information)

5. Motion directing staff to work with Main Street Cultural District for submittal of Iowa Great Places Grant application for improvements to Bandshell Park (Click here for more information)

6. Motion approving new Class C Liquor License & Outdoor Service for Grandpa Noodle Gallery, 926 S. 16th Street (pending dram) (Click here for more information)

7. Motion approving 5-day (October 9 - October 13) Class C Liquor License for Gateway Hotel & Conference Center at ISU Alumni Center, 420 Beach Avenue (Click here for more information)

8. Motion approving 5-day (October 19 - October 23) Special Class C Liquor License & Outdoor Service for Gateway Market MLK at ISU Alumni Center, 420 Beach Avenue (Click here for more information)

9. Motion approving ownership change for Class B Beer Permit for Mongolian Buffet, 1620 S. Kellogg Avenue, Ste. 103 (Click here for more information)

10. Requests from ISU Homecoming Central Committee for ISU Homecoming Events on Friday, October 27, 2017: (Click here for more information)

a. ExCYtement in the Streets

i. Motion approving blanket Temporary Obstruction Permit and blanket Vending License for closed area
ii. Resolution approving closure of portions of Sunset Drive, Ash Avenue, Gray Avenue, and Pearson Avenue from 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
iii. Resolution approving suspension of parking regulations for closed areas from 7:00 p.m. Thursday, October 26, until 11:00 p.m. Friday, October 27
iv. Resolution approving waiver of fee for blanket Vending License

b. Central Campus Events

i. Motion approving request for Fireworks Permit for display from ISU Central Campus at midnight on Friday, October 27, for Mass Campaniling

11. Resolution approving 2017 Street Finance Report (Click here for more information)

12. Resolution approving 28E Agreement with Story County for Snow and Ice Control (Click here for more information)

13. Resolution approving 2017 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance grant (Click here for more information)

14. Resolution releasing property locally known as 300 S. Bell Avenue from Development Agreement dated 6/01/1992 (Click here for more information)

15. Resolution committing to 20-year maintenance of Grand Avenue Extension/Vet Med Trail as a condition of grant application for Iowa Federal Recreation Trails Program (Click here for more information)

16. Resolution awarding contract to OneNeck IT Solutions of Urbandale, Iowa, for purchase of Hewlett Packard Servers for Information Technology Division in the amount of $51,287.93 (Click here for more information)

17. Resolution approving renewal of contract with LawnPro, LLC, of Colo, Iowa, in an amount not to exceed $74,543 for Right-of-Way Street Tree Removal for FY 2017/18 (Click here for more information)

18. Resolution approving Change Order No. 24 for New Water Plant Contract No. 2 (Click here for more information)

19. Resolution approving Change Order No. 2 for purchase of Electric Services LED Luminaires (Click here for more information)

20. Resolution accepting final completion of City Maintenance Facility Roof Replacement, Phases 2 & 3 (Click here for more information)

21. Resolution approving Plat of Survey for 725 and 729 East Lincoln Way (Click here for more information)

22. Resolution approving Plat of Survey for 2408 and 2410 Chamberlain Street (Click here for more information)

23. Resolution approving completion of public improvements and releasing security for Crane Farm Subdivision (Click here for more information)

PUBLIC FORUM: This is a time set aside for comments from the public on topics of City business other than those listed on this agenda. Please understand that the Council will not take any action on your comments at this meeting due to requirements of the Open Meetings Law, but may do so at a future meeting. The Mayor and City Council welcome comments from the public; however, at no time is it appropriate to use profane, obscene, or slanderous language. The Mayor may limit each speaker to five minutes.


24. First passage of ordinance establishing six-month moratorium on new Rental Occupancy Permits for single- and two-family homes within the boundaries of the city limits of Ames (second and third readings and adoption requested) (Click here for more information)

25. Second passage of ordinance to allow parking along west side of Kingsbury Avenue


26. 1125 Maxwell Avenue:

a. Hearing on Sale of City-owned property to Dennis and Dawn Heaberlin: (Click here for more information)

i. Resolution approving sale

b. Hearing on Sale of City-owned property to Habitat for Humanity of Central Iowa: (Click here for more information)

i. Resolution rescinding Resolution No. 16-500
ii. Resolution approving sale

27. Hearing on Amendments to Fiscal Year 2017/18 Budget: (Click here for more information)

a. Resolution amending current budget for carry-over amounts for Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2017

28. Hearing on 2017/18 Traffic Signal Program (E. 13th Street/I-35 Northbound Exit Ramp): (Click here for more information)

a. Resolution approving final plans and specifications and awarding contract to Voltmer, Inc., of Decorah, Iowa, in the amount of $183,273.84


29. Staff Report on North Growth Gap Area Fringe Plan Major Amendment: (Click here for more information)

a. Motion to confirm the scope of the proposed Fringe Plan Amendment

30. Staff Report on Lincoln Way Corridor Plan implementation (Click here for more information)


31. Beer Permits, Wine Permits, and Liquor License Renewals: (Click here for more information)

a. Motion approving the following renewals:

i. Class C Liquor, B Wine, Catering, & Outdoor Service +39 Restaurant, Market, & Cantina, 2640 Stange Road
ii. Class C Liquor & Outdoor Service Wallabys Grille, 2733 Stange Road
iii. Class C Liquor Hy-Vee #1 Clubroom, 3800 W. Lincoln Way
iv. Class C Beer & B Wine Hy-Vee Gas #5018, 636 Lincoln Way

b. Discussion of renewal of Class C Liquor & Outdoor Service for Blue Owl Bar, 223 Welch Avenue

32. Staff report on cameras in Campustown: (Click here for more information)

a. Motion approving proposed installation and operation of security cameras and ongoing expense of maintenance


33. Grant Avenue Paving Assessment: (Click here for more information)

a. Resolution rescinding Resolution No. 17-298
b. Resolution approving Final Assessment Plat and Schedule and confirming and levying assessments

34. Resolution approving Addendum to Agreement with ISU for public improvements at Ames Municipal Airport (Click here for more information)



Please note that this Agenda may be changed up to 24 hours before the meeting time as provided by Section 21.4(2), Code of Iowa.