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OCTOBER 11, 2011

CALL TO ORDER: 7:00 p.m.

1. Presentation by Carolyn Jons on All-America City literacy grant
2. Presentation of DZ Triangle Neighborhood Improvement Program grant

3. Proclamation for Fire Prevention Week, October 9-15, 2011
4. Proclamation for Character Counts Week, October 16-22, 2011

CONSENT AGENDA: All items listed under the consent agenda will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a request is made prior to the time the Council members vote on the motion.
5. Motion approving payment of claims
6. Motion approving Minutes of Special Meetings of September 20 and October 6, 2011, and Regular Meeting of September 27, 2011
7. Motion changing Regular Meeting date of the City Council from November 8 to November 1, 2011
8. Motion approving Report of Contract Change Orders for September 16-30, 2011 (Click here for more information)
9. Motion approving certification of civil service applicants (Click here for more information)
10. Motion approving renewal of the following beer permits, wine permits, and liquor licenses:(Click here for more information)
a. Class C Liquor London Underground, 212 Main Street
b. Class C Liquor Twenty Twenty, 2424 Lincoln Way
c. Class B Native Wine Lylas Boutique, 404 Main Street
d. Class C Beer & B Wine Aldi, Inc. #48, 1301 Buckeye Avenue
e. Class E Liquor, C Beer, & B Wine Target Store T-1170, 320 South Duff Avenue
11. Motion approving placement of research cameras and sensors on City-owned property as part of an Iowa State University animal ecology research project and in connection with the Urban Deer Management Program (Click here for more information)
12. Resolution approving renewal of contract with Wellmark for administrative and claims processing services for Flexible Spending Account effective January 1, 2012 (Click here for more information)
13. Resolution awarding contract for fall 2011 Asbestos Removal for Power Plant to Pro Environmental Abatement, Inc., of Des Moines, Iowa, in the amount of $49,760.00 (Click here for more information)
14. Resolution approving Contract Change Order for Power Plant Unit 8 Waterwall Installation (Click here for more information)
15. Resolution approving contract and bond for 2010/11 Water System Improvements (South Duff Avenue Water Main Replacement) (Click here for more information)
16. Resolution accepting final completion of 2011/12 Collector Street Pavement Improvements (Hayes Avenue) (Click here for more information)
17. Resolution accepting completion of utilities and street construction required as a condition for approval of the Final Plat of Grand Aspen, 4th Addition (South 16th Street Widening), and releasing security (Click here for more information)
18. Resolution approving Plat of Survey for 311 Ash Avenue (Click here for more information)

PUBLIC FORUM: This is a time set aside for comments from the public on topics of City business other than those listed on this agenda. Please understand that the Council will not take any action on your comments at this meeting due to requirements of the Open Meetings Law, but may do so at a future meeting. The Mayor and City Council welcome comments from the public; however, at no time is it appropriate to use profane, obscene, or slanderous language. The Mayor may limit the time given to each speaker.

19. ISU Homecoming requests for October 21, 2011:(Click here for more information)
a. Resolution approving closure of portions of Ash Avenue, Gray Avenue, Lynn Avenue, Pearson Avenue, and Sunset Drive between 6:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.
b. Motion approving temporary obstruction permit for area inside street closures
c. Resolution approving/motion denying allocation of $1,000 for pancake feed
d. Resolution approving Fireworks Permit for ground effects fireworks shoot on Central Campus, beginning at approximately 11:55 p.m., pending approval of ISU Risk Management
20. Motion approving 5-Day licenses for Olde Main Brewing Company:(Click here for more information)
a. Class C Liquor (Oct. 15-19) at ISU Alumni Center, 420 Beach Avenue
b. Special Class C Liquor (Oct. 22-26) at ISU Alumni Center, 420 Beach Avenue
21. Motion approving/denying renewal of Class C Liquor & Outdoor Service for Element/Chasers/e, 2401 Chamberlain Street (Click here for more information)

22. McFarland Clinic:(Click here for more information)
a. 1128 Duff Avenue/1117-1119 Carroll Avenue:(Click here for more information)
i. Resolution approving waiver of double-frontage lot design
ii. Resolution approving Plat of Survey
b. Resolution approving Plat of Survey for 1203-1215 Carroll Avenue/119 East 12th Street(Click here for more information)
c. Resolution approving Remote Parking Easement(Click here for more information)
d. Resolution setting date of public hearing for October 25, 2011, for vacating an electric easement at 119/121 East 12th Street(Click here for more information)
e. Motion setting date of public hearing for October 25, 2011, on rezoning Lot 4, Block 7, Sunrise Addition, and correcting rezoning of portion of Lot 5 of Emerys Subdivision:
i. Motion setting Special City Council Meetings for 8:00 AM on October 26 and 27, 2011, for second and third readings and adoption of ordinances
23. Plat of Survey for 2936 and 2924 South Loop Drive and 3008 University Boulevard:(Click here for more information)
a. Resolution approving waiver of double-frontage lot design
b. Resolution approving Plat of Survey
24. Discussion of Subdivision Ordinance text amendment concerning prohibitions on double-frontage lots:(Click here for more information)
a. First passage of ordinance

25. Resolution approving 2011/12 Dial-A-Ride Contract Amendment (Click here for more information)
26. Resolution approving support for a TIGER Grant application to fund Phase II of the Intermodal Facility and committing $22,125 from Contingency Fund towards the local match, if the Grant is approved (Click here for more information)

27. Resolution approving extension of contract for Sustainability Coordinator (Click here for more information)
28. Presentation of Resident Satisfaction Survey results (Click here for more information)

29. Hearing on Nuisance Assessments:(Click here for more information)
a. Resolution assessing costs of mowing/brush removal and certifying assessment to Story County Treasurer
30. Hearing on Zoning Ordinance text amendment related to definition of a story:(Click here for more information)
a. Motion to continue hearing
31. Hearing on text amendments that will correct and/or clarify various sections of Zoning Ordinance, including definitions, general zoning regulations, development standards, residential high density permitted uses, neighborhood commercial signage standards, village residential design guidelines, and site development plan review:(Click here for more information)
a. First passage of ordinance

32. Second passage of ordinance amending and updating 2011 Designated Snow Routes
33. Third passage and adoption of ORDINANCE NO. 4088 rezoning property located at 2910 West Street from Neighborhood Commercial (NC) to Residential High Density (RH)



*Please note that this agenda may be changed up to 24 hours before the meeting time as provided by Section 21.4(2), Code of Iowa.