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NOVEMBER 27, 2012
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CALL TO ORDER: 7:00 p.m.

CONSENT AGENDA: All items listed under the consent agenda will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a request is made prior to the time the Council members vote on the motion.
1. Motion approving payment of claims
2. Motion approving Minutes of Regular Meeting of November 13, 2012 (Click here for more information)
3. Motion approving certification of civil service applicants (Click here for more information)
4. Motion approving Report of Change Orders for November 1 - 15, 2012 (Click here for more information)
5. Motion setting January 22 and February 26, 2013, at 6:30 p.m. as Conference Board meeting dates
6. Motion approving renewal of the following beer permits, wine permits, and liquor licenses:(Click here for more information)
a. Class B Native Wine Chocolaterie Stam, 230 Main Street
b. Class C Beer Swift Stop #8, 705 24th Street
7. Resolution approving Annual Urban Renewal Report (Click here for more information)
8. Resolution approving preliminary plans and specifications for CyRide Bus Facility Expansion and Flood Mitigation Project; setting January 31, 2012, as bid due date and February 12, 2013, as date of public hearing (Click here for more information)
9. 2012/13 Water System Improvements (Water Service Transfer #1):(Click here for more information)
a. Resolution approving Change Order No. 1
b. Resolution accepting completion
10. Resolution accepting completion of Vet Med Substation Capacitor Banks (Click here for more information)
11. Resolution accepting completion of public improvements and releasing security for Southern Hills West, Plat 2 (Click here for more information)

PUBLIC FORUM: This is a time set aside for comments from the public on topics of City business other than those listed on this agenda. Please understand that t he Council will not take any action on your comments at this meeting due to requirements of the Open Meetings Law, but may do so at a future meeting. The Mayor and City Council welcome comments from the public; however, at no time is it
appropriate to use profane, obscene, or slanderous language. The Mayor may limit each speaker to five minutes.

12. Motion approving Special 5-day Class C Liquor License (BW)(Beer/Wine) for Olde Main Brewing at the ISU Alumni Center (December 12-17) (Click here for more information)
13. Staff report regarding City use of available School District property (Click here for more information)
14. Staff report regarding request from Kelley for water service (Click here for more information)

15. Resolution approving amendments to Purchase Power Agreement with Garden Wind (NextEra) (Click here for more information)
16. Unit No. 8 Battery Replacement for Power Plant:(Click here for more information)
a. Resolution instituting emergency proceedings
b. Resolution authorizing staff to solicit informal bids and enter into contract for replacement of the Unit No. 8 batteries within 7 - 10 days

17. Resolution approving waiver of subdivision standards for 125 Hyland Avenue and 118 & 122 Campus Avenue (Click here for more information)

18. Resolution awarding Yard Waste Contract to American Professional Services Group, Inc., of Ames, Iowa, in the amount of $24,600.00 (Click here for more information)

19. Basin Liner Replacement and WPC Facility Biosolids Disposal Operations Change Orders:
a. Resolution approving Contract Change Orders with Ames Trenching, Nutri-Ject, and FOX Engineering and authorizing the redirection of funds (Click here for more information)
20. Motion rejecting bids for Water Pollution Control Facility Methane Engine Generator No. 2 Rehabilitation Project and directing staff to proceed with alternative project plans (Click here for more information)

21. Resolution approving Change Order to Professional Services Agreement with Shive-Hattery for City Hall Renovation (Click here for more information)

22. Library Renovation and Expansion Abatement Work (Asbestos and Lead Paint Removal):(Click here for more information)
a. Resolution awarding contract to Abatement Specialties, LLC, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in the amount of $49,659.00
b. Resolution approving contract and bond

23. Hearing on Ames Public Library Renovation and Expansion Project:
a. Update on financial status of project(Click herefor more information)
b. Resolution approving final plans and specifications and awarding contract to A & P/ Samuels, a Joint Venture, of Wausau, Wisconsin, in the amount of $12,543,350.00 (Click here for more information)
24. Hearing on revision to Major Site Development Plan for Somerset Subdivision:(Click here for more information)
a. Resolution approving revision that combines two buildings into one for property addressed as 2321 Bristol Drive
b. Resolution approving Preliminary Plat

25. First passage of ordinance setting speed limit on Grand Avenue (Click here for more information)
26. Second passage of ordinance rezoning property located at 1519 Top-O-Hollow Road from Agricultural (A) to Residential Low-Density (RL)
27. Third passage and adoption of Electric Rate ORDINANCE NO. 4130
28. Third passage and adoption of ORDINANCE NO. 4131 establishing Southeast 16th Street First Urban Revitalization Area
29. Third passage and adoption of ORDINANCE NO. 4132 removing misdemeanor from Municipal Code Section 11.4, Public Urination, so offense may be charged as misdemeanor or municipal infraction

30. City Council budget guidelines (Click here for more information)



*Please note that this agenda may be changed up to 24 hours before the meeting time as provided by Section 21.4(2), Code of Iowa.